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Značka: Oravská priehrada

Oravská Priehrada: the largest area and volume, Orava dam

Oravská Priehrada: the largest area and volume

Which is the largest artificial lake in Slovakia? Liptovská Mara, Šírava or Oravská Priehrada? This question often confuses the contestants on television quiz shows. The question of area is clear – the Orava reservoir covers 34.39 km2 followed by Šírava with 33.5 km2. The question of volume gets contestants in more of a sweat. Liptovská Mara holds 361.9 million m3, which would appear to beat the figure of 350 million m3 for Orava. This is based on calculations from passporting in 1953, when they wrote in 350 for Orava. New measurements were taken in 1993 and these gave Oravská Priehrada a larger volume: 375.2 million…

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